Love Love Love

Happy Valentines Day followers!! Hope you all have lovely day with your loved one or spend a chill night with a cold drink and Netflix!

This marks Husband and Mine’s 4 V-day together. Our first was amazing. We did hike, visited an animal sanctuary, dinner, and a movie. Our second was spent with a home cooked meal, drinks, and fine chocolate. Our third was chaos. We live in an area that was affected last year by that Dam Spillway craziness you may have heard of. So at 39 weeks pregnant, we tossed the dog, cat, and random shit in our car and fled. Baby girl so how did not make an appearance but we spent v-day at an Airbnb house dealing with false labor pains and wondering if we would have a house to come back to. This year Husband told me to dress up sexy and be ready by five. I’m excited and have no idea what’s gonna happen.

We try and do date nights once a week, which works out perfectly cause the grandparents are usually bugging to babysit Baby girl. Our go-to dates are breakfast or dinner and a movie, museums and landmarks, trying new food, and early morning hikes!

What’s your go-to dates with your partner? Tell me your funniest v-day story.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!



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